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Psychic Energy Reading & Balancing. chakras

What is psychic energy reading and balancing?

As well as our physical bodies we all have an energy system that surrounds and interlinks with our bodies, which consists of our chakras, Meridians and Aura. Our emotions, memories and every day life experiences all get recorded in our energy systems. Traumatic events, relationship breakdowns, bad experiences, loss and grief as well as physical illness can all affect our energy systems causing energy blockages to form, meaning our energy does not flow around our systems as effectively and fluently as what it should.

When this happens we may experience a lack of energy, motivation and enthusiasm for life. We may also experience low mood, a lack of self confidence, an inability to achieve our goals and feel held back by past events and situations.

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What happens during a session

I will get to work on clearing and balancing your energy system removing any blockages from the chakras and aura. As a natural born intuitive and energy reader I am able to ‘link’ into your energy to see what may be holding you back, and what chakras are containing blockages from past or current situations. This often comes in the form of feelings, emotions, thoughts, words and images. At the end of your session I go through these with you, and we put the pieces of the puzzle together to look at what changes you may need to make.

Psychic energy reading and balancing may help with

  • Clearing old stuck unwanted energy and emotions from the body
  • Helping to boost motivation levels to achieve our goals and dreams
  • Gaining clarity and insight around past and current events
  • Lifting mood and emotions
  • Clearing and calming a busy, overactive mind
  • Helping to make positive changes for the future

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