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Maternity Reflexology

During pregnancy, women may find Maternity Reflexology to be very relaxing, helping them to maintain health and well-being. Regular Reflexology treatments may also help them to cope with the change in hormone levels within the body and encourage the efficient removal of bodily waste.

During pregnancy, women experience many hormonal and bodily changes, often meaning that emotions and feelings can be running high and more easily affected than normal. At this time they deserve special care, Reflexology is second to none as a complimentary therapy before, during and after pregnancy. In this world where we rush about so much, it gives the mother-to-be one hour of quality time to just ‘be’. It may also ease many conditions associated with pregnancy that mothers-to-be may experience. Ladies who experience Reflexology throughout their pregnancy often report a much shorter labour and less need for intervention. The unborn baby also enjoys Reflexology and it is common for it to become very active during a treatment. Please visit my Maternity Reflexology page by clicking on the underlined link

Maternity Reflexology. you are worth it

Can I have Maternity Reflexology?

I have undertaken additional specialised training in order to be able to provide Reflexology treatments during Pregnancy. I am able to offer Reflexology treatments from the second trimester right up until your due date. Maternity Reflexology treatments are always tailored to every mum to be's individual needs, including ensuring you are as relaxed and comfortable during your treatment as possible, something I think all mum's to be struggle with at the best of times!

I always ask that you mention to your midwife or consultant that you will be receiving Reflexology treatments, so if for any reason they are not happy for you to go a head with the treatment they will say. The majority of midwifes are pro Reflexology, and many encourage treatments as they have an understanding of the many potential health benefits to receiving regular reflexology during pregnancy.

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