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A little about me

My journey to becoming a complementary therapist was a gradual one, which started in my early twenties. Although I had always been sensitive to people's energies and emotions from a young age, with psychic gifts running in my family. I knew I wanted to work in the field of caring for animals, so after much thought I decided to train to become a veterinary nurse.

I found veterinary medicine fascinating, and loved learning all about how the body worked, different medical conditions and how medications brought about change. Gradually over the years my interests began to shift, and I become less interested in traditional medicine and more interested in complementary therapies.

As I had always been naturally sensitive to energy, my early training led me to study traditional Usui Reiki. I took to Reiki instantly, and found I could easily feel the energy flowing through my hands, intuitively sensing the areas of people's bodies that needed attention either due to a physical or emotional blockage. As well as training in Reiki for people I also wanted to be able to offer Reiki healing to animals, which led me to complete an animal healing diploma course with Elizabeth Whiter of the Healing Animals Organisation.

My qualifications & skills

Level 3 City & Guilds Diploma on the Ingham Method of Reflexology

It was important to me that I gained a Reflexology qualification that was nationally recognised, and allowed me to work within the NHS as a Reflexologist and take GP referrals. For this reason I decided to train with the IIR (International Institute of Reflexology) they are one of the longest standing Reflexology schools around, being one of the very few schools to offer an internationally recognised City & Guilds Reflexology qualification.

Reiki master Healer training

I have been a practising Reiki healer for 12years now, Reiki healing is a natural gift for me and one which I have been aware of since being very young, although I have worked hard for many years to perfect my skills and abilities in this area.

Crystal Healing Diploma

I undertook my Crystal Healing diploma with the late Kath Huddlestone of the Spiritual ventures Association, a renowned healer and crystal healer. I learnt so much from my Crystal healing course, it introduced me to the amazing healing and transformational powers of Crystals and taught me the foundations of how we can use Crystals to heal ourselves and others

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Developing my skills and abilities

After many years of training and perfecting my skills, I went on to teach Reiki Healing for people and animals. I offer regular Reiki level 1 and 2 attunement workshops, and animal energy healing workshops. Please visit my fb page Healing Feet Reflexology for course dates or alternatively email me.

Over the years my interest expanded into Crystal Healing. I had always collected Crystals from a young age, but had never actually done anything with them, I was just naturally drawn to them. I decided to train as a Crystal Healer and found crystals to be a valuable tool in amplifying healing energy during treatments, and helping to balance the bodies energy fields. I often incorporate crystals into my Reiki healing sessions, and more recently into my reflexology sessions after completing a Crystal Reflexology course.

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Gaining more knowledge

Due to my great passion into how the body works from a physical aspect I decided to train as a Reflexologist. I am very passionate about reflexology, as it brings together both the physical and the energetic aspects of the body, helping to bring everything back into balance. Reflexology is one of the main complementary therapies accepted by the medical community. It is offered on referral by the NHS, covered by some health care insurance companies, and widely used in hospices to promote residents physical and mental wellbeing.

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